OfficialOpen Borders Sports Foundation Established on October 16th, 2023 Wisconsin, USA

Open Borders Sports Foundation Established on October 16th, 2023 Wisconsin, USA

Foundation Overview:

The Open Borders Sports Foundation (OPSF) is a non-profit organization established on October 16th, 2023, in Wisconsin, with the primary goal of advancing the development of baseball and softball, particularly on the island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin. The foundation was founded by a dedicated group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise in both sports, ranging from grassroots to professional levels.

Board Members:

Johnny Johnson – President
Reginald Hollins – Vice-President
Jamal Cummins – Treasurer
Johnny Arnold – Secretary

Foundation Objectives:

OPSF has set forth a series of objectives to achieve its mission:

Coaching Support:

OPSF is committed to providing coaching support to local coaches, with the aim of enhancing their skills and knowledge. This assistance will help elevate the quality of training and coaching available to young athletes on the island.


The foundation plans to implement educational programs to equip players and coaches with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in baseball and softball. Education is considered a fundamental pillar of sport development.

Equipment Provision:

OPSF intends to supply essential equipment to local teams and players to ensure they have access to the tools required for effective training and competition. Quality equipment is essential for player development.

Financial Assistance:

The foundation may offer financial support to local baseball and softball organizations. This assistance is aimed at improving facilities and programs, thus fostering the growth of the sports on the island.

Promotion of the Sports:

OPSF also envisions bringing teams to the island as a means of generating interest in baseball and softball. Increased interest is expected to encourage the government to invest in better facilities and opportunities for players, ultimately improving the sports’ presence on the island.

Commitment to Knowledge and Skill Development:

The Open Borders Sports Foundation holds a strong belief in the importance of comprehensive training for coaches, scorers, umpires, and players. The foundation recognizes that a knowledgeable and skilled community is essential for the continued growth and success of baseball and softball on the island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin. Through education and empowerment, OPSF aims to keep these sports thriving and expanding within the local community.

For further inquiries or information regarding the Open Borders Sports Foundation, please contact:



Phone: (256) 997-6190



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