Player List

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Player List

1Mario BellucciRomans
2Player One-Catcher
3Player OneFishCatcher
4Aiden LeggattRomans
5Player Two-Center field
6Player TwoFishCenter field
7Seth ClemensRomans
8Player Three-First base
9Player ThreeFishFirst base
10Mitchell ChildeBirds
11Daniel Benntitans
12Archie SteadGiants
13Finn RosettaGiants
14Koby Broughtitans
15Blake BannanBears
16Hugo StonesBears
17Tristian HolmeBears
18Mason EwingBirds
19Peter TaylorGiants
20Willie PorterGiants
21Bruce HillGiants
22Randy RiosGiants
23Andrew SalazarBirds

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