Mission Statement

The mission of the SMBSF is to efficiently conduct the business of the Sint Maarten Baseball and Softball Federation as directed by the Board of Directors, which represents the membership.

The primary purpose of the organization is to support and develop the sport of baseball and softball in Sint Maarten, particularly at the youth and amateur levels.

Additionally, the SMBSF aims to select and train teams to represent Sint Maarten in selected international competitions. This mission emphasizes the commitment to serving, protecting, and supporting baseball and softball participants on the island.


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Vision Statement

The vision of the Sint Maarten Baseball and Softball Federation is to foster the growth of baseball and softball locally by focusing on development and innovation. This includes efforts to increase awareness of the sport throughout the community. The vision reflects a desire to promote and expand the reach of baseball and softball, making them more accessible and engaging for individuals on Sint Maarten.


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